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Welcome tickling deviants

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This is a group dedicated to al things that invlove tickling:icontickleplz:.Don't be afraid to share and talk about your work here:deviation:this is a safe place:star::star::star::star::star:If you ever thought that a liking or fetish for tickling was weird or something to hide,DON'T.Many people share the same interest.

Be sure to add something to the blog if you wish as well:writersblock::bookdiva:

Also,this group is not just for girls in case anyone was curious.Pictures of boys/men being tickled are allowed to.


Rule #1 No spamming anyone caught doing this will be warned only once to stop.Spamming consists of leaving random words or numbers and such in messages,the blogs,groupwall,etc..

This is a basic rule for pretty much all of chat world.also,don't say the same thing again and again and again in the same or different messages and comments.its not funny,despite what the people who do it thinks

Rule #2 You be nice!

Basically,respect other members and don't treat them the way you wouldn't wan't to be treated.While no one wants to be walked all over (trust me) acting like the people you despise only makes you worse than them,because unlike them youknow better. If someone is being rude unprovoked,inform me and i'll judge whether or not they need to be dealt with.

Rule #3 Don't complain.By this i mean complaining about content or rules within the group.If theres something you dont like,just don't look at it,its that simple,and you are free to make your own group with your own rules if you find this one unsatisfactory.

Rule #4 Watch your mouth.Swearing here is fine,however,because of my own distaste for the (f) and (s) word,i must please ask no one use them,unless its in a story that someone wrote.However do not use them in comments or in the blog.

Rule #5 Don't be gross.By this i mean don't submit anything that is obviously gross.e.g Gore,vomiting,fecies,excessive blood and farting.If i deem a picture to vile for the group,it will be removed,with no other casualties.Just for everyones information.If a picture depicts something such as someone being tickled into peeing,i won't consider it bad.

First offenders will mearly be warned,second offenders will be banned for a short period or forever depending on my rule if i discover a rule is broken on purposethat person will be banned instantly.However a breaking a rule by mistake will cause you no harm,no worries,im no monster

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Reading the folders titles should make it obvious what pictures go where. But some pictures may have combined catagories,so heres a quick sum-up of what folder takes precedence over which

This folder takes precedence over all folders except tickling comics and tickling stories.If a character you created shares a picture with someone from anime/manga/movies etc,it belongs in fanart,not o.c's.If a picture has creatures or animals but they are from anime/manga/movies etc,it also belongs in fanart

This folder takes presedence over o.c's as well. even if your character is original,if its being tickled or tickling a creature/animal it still belongs here. if its imagry is relevant to TICKLING SETUPS,then it belongs in TICKLING SETUPS,not this folder
people with animal features(ears,tails) count for this folder

This folder takes precedence over o.c's to. This folder is for pictures where no actual tickling is happening,pictures of tools used for restraining and tickling others being displayed will be accepted.Remember this is not a foot fetish group,a simple picture of someone showing their feet will not be accepted,its always a good idea to consider the group theme before submitting pictures anyway.

This folder is ONLY for photos or videos of real people being tickled

If anything doesnt make sense,please point it out to me in a group note,also send all questions in a note as well,not on the group wall

These rules may be updated as time goes on,so check every now and again to be sure you've got them all down.


More groups full of tickling fun :icontickleplz:
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Ticklish Situation 6- Part  1: The Best Shape of Your Life

Natalie is a typical college girl.  5' 5”, 115 lbs, and still unsatisfied with her physical image.  She spends time standing in front of her mirror, pinching at her body, obsessed with any inch that isn't hard or tight.  And so it goes for Natalie, skipping meals and eating like a bird for no reason at all.  

Her friend, Amanda, used to be just like her.  Natalie spent a ton of time with Amanda, and then all of a sudden, right after the spring semester ended, she disappeared!  For a whole month Amanda was off the grid, not responding to texts, completely inactive on social media.  Natalie was very concerned, until finally her phone buzzed with a message from her bff.  Amanda said she was on her way to Natalie's apartment, and within 5 minutes, the familiar knock pounded on the door.  

Amanda walked in, smirking, wearing a long coat in the warm spring weather.  Her brown hair bounced around as she sturtted like a model into Natalie's place.  Natalie was confused, until Amanda let the coat fall to the floor.  She stood in Natalie's living room wearing a white bikini.  Natalie was floored!  Amanda's abs were defined, her legs were trim, and her butt like super tight.  It was the body that Natalie wished she had!  How did Amanda get it.  They began to talk about Amanda's transformation.  She gave all the credit to her personal trainer, Svetlana.  That is where Amanda had spent all of her time over the last month, and the results spoke for themselves.  

Natalie was growing jealous.  How could Amanda afford such an expensive trainer?  Then Amanda dropped the bomb that it was free!  Svetlana didn't charge a dime if her previous clients recommend their next client.  Amanda had recommended Natalie, but this game came with a price.  Svetlana made her clients completely commit to the process.  Natalie would have to move in to Svetlana's house for the month, give up all distractions, and listen to everything Svetlana said.  This intimidated Natalie, but she wanted that body so badly.  Then Amanda dropped bomb number two.  She had invited Natalie to a week long trip to the beach with some friends, half of them guys, and one of them being Natalie's crush.   That was the nail in the coffin.  

Amanda dropped Natalie off at Svetlana's house.  She warned Natalie that it would be intense but worth it in the long run.  Nervously, Natalie approached the house.  It looked like a million dollar home that had been built buy a very demanding perfectionist.  Natalie went to ring the door bell, but the door swung open.  A tall, think, blond woman stood in the doorway, wearing a skintight body suit.  She had a ridiculous body, obviously, and a dead serious look on her face.  

“You are Natalia?” she alked.
“Hi, I'm Natalie, actually.  I'm Amanda's friend.”
Svetlana chorted.  “In my country, you are Natalia.  So Natalia you are.  Come in, and take off your shoes.”  
Natalie did as she instructed.  Svetlana handed her some clothes.  
“Here. Put these on and meet me downstairs in 5 minutes.  That is your room, and the basement is through that door.”
Again Natalie did as she was instructed, even more nervous at how fast this was moving.  The clothes she was given was a black, skintight pair of spandex that barely covered her ass, and a neon green sports bra.  This made her feel uncomfortable, but she remembered what Amanda said.  She had to commit fully.  
She waked down the stairs to the basement, and Svetlana was standing next to a machine.  It was a stair master.  Natalie hated the stair master.  
“I told you to take off your shoes.  I did not tell you to put them back on.  Shoes add weight, and slow you down.  They throw off your natural balance, and rob you of using all your core muscles.  Take them off.  Socks too.  Your standing on a $100,000 mat.  I don't need your stinky socks smelling up the place.  
Natalie apologized and did as she was told.  She got on the machine.  
“You been on one of these before?  Nothing is better for the glutes and thighs.  Put your hands here.”  Svetlana pointed to the top of the machine's rail.  She hit the button and the machine started.  Natlie began to climb.  Svetlana stepped around to the back of the machine, and before Natalie could react, leather straps were pulled around her hands.
“What are you doing?” Natalie yelled.  Amanda had not said anything about bondage.  
“This is part of the process.” Svetlana said calmly.  “You are going to pushed beyond your limits.”  
Svetlana hit the stop button on the machine.  The plastic steps that were under Natalie's feet had a strap on the top.  Svetlana pulled it over Natalies's toes tightly.  A plastic back to the stepper sled forward, and another strap wrapped around Natalie's ankle.  She could not pull her foot out.  Svetlana did the same thing to the other foot.  
“People think losing weight and being fit is difficult.  This is untrue.  You need two things.  The right trainer, and motivation.  This workout is simple.  I set a pace, you stay on the pace.  If you don't we stop for motivation.  Then you begin again.  Once you have been climbing stairs for two hours, this part of the workout is over.”  Svetlana hit the start button.  The machine lit up, and Natalie began pushing down the step pedals.  The screen on the machine showed a line moving across, and a line moving vertically.  The line moving across was the speed that Natalie needed to maintain.  The vertical line was her actual pace.  
“Find the pace.  You have 1 minute.”  Svetlana said.  
Natalie pumped her legs.  Already her thighs her beginning to burn.  She always avoided the stairs when she could at her dorm.  5 minutes in and her output was dangerously low to the pace the machine was requiring.  
“Keep it up Natalia!” Svetlana barked.  
The burning in her legs was really beginning to hurt now, and Natalie knew she was beginning to slow down.  Her output was just barely over the pace line.  She closed her eyes and grit her teeth, pushing down with her leg muscles as fast as she could.  But it wasn't fast enough, and buzzer rang.  The machine stopped, with Natalie's right foot in the air.
Svetlana cursed in Russian.  “Your friend did not tell me I was starting from square one with you.  5 minutes in and your exhausted.  This is no good.  But like I said, all we need to succeed is the right coach and the right motivation.  The timer on the workout is stopped.  I will tickle you now for ten minutes.  Amanda told me that you were a ticklish girl, which is the best type of client for me.  After the tickling, you will try again, and we will see how long you keep the pace for.  Every time you fail, you get tickled.  This is something else that I am very good at.”
Svetlana gripped Natalie's ribs.  There was no playful tease, no testing of the waters.  She laid in to her client without any warning.  Natalie's head rolled back and she laughed deeply, Svetlana's hands felt strong, and the pressure from them went deep into Natalie's nerves.  She stayed on her ribs for what seemed like an hour, but in reality, it was a mere 5 minutes.  Natalie was out of breath and sweating profusely.  She was not sure if it was more from the workout machine or the relentless tickling.  
“Amanda told me about you.  She told me where all of your spots were.  You have tickle fights as friends, no?  She told me your feet make you hysterical when tickled.  Sounds like a perfect motivation.”
Svetlana dropped to the mat on her back.  The bottoms of the stepper pedals had a hinged mechanism.  She unlocked it, and dropped the little door down.  The middle of Natalie's sole was exposed.  The stepper still supported her toes and heel, so she would not fall through the hole, but it was big enough to get tickling fingers through, or tickling tools.  
Again, without any delay, Svetlana scraped Natalie's sole with her well manicured nails.  Like Amanda had said, Natalie hated foot tickling the most.  Svetlana unlocked the hinge on the other foot and laid into that one as well.  Naturally, Natalie tried to pull her feet away, but the stair master machine was locked in it's position.  She endured 5 minutes more of the feet tickling.  When the timer rang, Svetlana stood up.  She hit the go button on the machine.  
“You have 1 minute to find the pace.  Let's see how long you go this time before you need extra motivation.”  
Natalie pumped her legs with fresh energy.  This would be one hell of a workout.  

Ticklish Situation 6: Best Shape of Your Life – Part 2

After the first workout, Natalie was positively the sorest she had ever been.  Her legs felt like oak trees from stiffness.  After the stairmaster sequence, that lasted more than 3 ½ hours with the motivational tickle time added in, Svetlana had her do some focused muscle work.  Natalie was in a leg curl machine first, that would look with her exposed feet stuck in the air, every time she failed to do the correct number of reps.  Svetlana would tickle her feet for 5 minutes, lower the weight by 2 ½ lbs, and Natalie got to try again.  That took about an hour and a half, and then it was on to the leg raise.  This was not as bad on her feet, because Svetlana could not lock the machine with her feet raised in the air.  That would put too much stress on her ankles.  To compensate though, the restraints in the leg raise machine held Natalie’s arms straight up.  Armpit and rib tickles were the main method of punishment here.  

Following the workout, Svetlana had Natalie chug a shake that she claimed was better than anything you could buy at a drug store, and then prepared dinner, a salad with no dressing.  Then Natalie went to her room for the rest of the night.  She watched TV but her mind was only thinking about what could possibly happen tomorrow for her next workout.  

The alarm went off at 5:30am.  Natalie hadn't even noticed the alarm clock.  It was built into the wall so it could not be altered by the client.  Natalie got up, which was a struggle due to her sore legs.  She found new work out clothes in all of the drawers.  She dressed, the same attire as yesterday, and ventured to the kitchen, where Svetlana waited with oatmeal and another shake.  She was dressed in ted spandex today, and a black sports bra.  Natalie admired her physique again.  She had never seen abs so chiseled, yet feminine.  When she moved in the spandex, nothing jiggled at all.  

“I will see you downstairs in one hour.  Don't want you puking on the mat.”
That was all Svetlana said before she left the room.  

At 6:30, Natalie descended the stairs into the basement.  Svetlana waited by a power rack, a steel prism that people used for pullups and squats mostly.  There were two straps hanging from the top with heavy-duty cloth bottoms, the kind people hung themselves in by their elbows when they were doing leg raises.  They were called ab straps.  It would be an ab workout.  Natalie could not imagine how much her midsection would hurt tomorrow.  

Svetlana put a step stool out for Natalie to climb up into the power rack.  Inside the ab straps were leather cuffs that went around Natalie's wrists.  She put her elbows in the ab straps so that her weight would be supported.  While still standing on the stool, two more cuffs were attached to her ankles by Svetlana.  Using the mirror on the other side of the wall, Natalie traced a cord that went to a machine.  

“This is a simple work out.  You will do a thousand abdominal crunches.  Ten sets of 100.  Your legs are attached to some weight for extra challenge.  When I say go, you will begin your set of 100 reps.  If you are unable to do the 100, we will stop for 10 minutes of motivation.  And, those reps from the failed set will not count to your goal.  Each time you succeed, I will add some weight to the legs.  Each time you fail, I will take some weight off.  If you fail more than two times, then we will need to have a serious motivational talk after the work out is done.  I can only have clients that are fully committed to doing their best.  Begin.”

Natalie started raising her knees up as high as she could towards her chest.  She had done this before during her days as a high school soccer player.  She grunted her way through the first 100 and let her feet fall.  She breathed heavily.  

“30 seconds to rest” Svetlana said.  She went back to the machine.  


Natalie began crunching again.  The weight was considerably more than the last time.  It felt like double.  In reality, Svetlana added 10 pounds making the total weight 15 pounds.  Natalie grunted through it, groaning through the process.  The first to go was her regulated breathing.  She grit her teeth and willed her legs up time and time again.  She completed the second set.  Her abs were screaming.  

:”Impressive.  30 seconds of rest.”  Again Svetlana went back to the machine.  This time she added 5 pounds.  


Natalie knew from the first one that there was no way her fatigued abs would last during this set.  She lifted the weight over and over but the burning in her belly was too much.  She went limp, and let the weight come crashing down on the machine.  Svetlana adjusted the weight to 300 lbs.  Natalie would never be able to lift that, or even move her feet.  

Svetlana approached Natalie, and Natalie began to cry.  She had tried he best and yet she failed.  It was unfair.  Svetlana was making it so that she would have to fail.  

Svetlana ran her hands over Natalie's bare stomach.  
“Aww.  Do not cry.  I am proud of you.  But, you need to be motivated to succeed.  Next time I am sure you will.  You gave up because it burned, not because you could not lift it.  I know the difference.  So now, I will give you a reason to accept the burning, next time.”

Natalie's whimpers turned to all out laughter as Svetlana gripped her ribs.  The hanging position made  them especially vulnerable and sensitive.  Natalie wriggled in the ab straps but the leather cuffs on the inside kept her from getting out.  For the entire 10 minutes, Svetlana attacked her ribs.  Natalie pleaded, laughed, screamed and cried, but Svetlana did not let up at all.  Her strong hands pressing deeply into Natalie's muscles ignited all the nerves.  When she was done, Natalie hung there exhausted.  Her abs hurt from the laughter.  

“You have 1 minute to rest.  Then we start again.” Svetlana said coolly. She took off 2.5 lbs of weight, leaving it at 17.5 lbs.  This was still higher than the total Natalie had done in her second set.  Svetlana did not know if this was going to result in Natalie's failure or not, but she did not care either way.  She knew what Natalie would break at and she could exploit it.  She was confident that their motivational talk after the workout would happen.  30 minutes of non-stop, full body  tickling after Natalie finally grunted out her thousandth crunch.  Not counting the ones from her failed sets.  Svetlana was keeping track of those too.  Her actual goal for Natalie was 1,500-2,000 crunches.  


Natalie crunched and crunched.  The weight still felt as heavy as the time before.  She willed her legs up over and over, anger fueling her effort.  She made it, but again her abs screamed with burning fatigue.  Svetlana added 5 pounds bringing the total up to 22.5.  She was sure that Natalie would again break, if previous history with her former clients proved her right.

When Natalie began her 5th attempt, she knew right away that this was not going to end well.  The 22.5 pounds may have been a thousand pounds.  Her abs were already exhausted and the heavier weight completely demoralized her.  She stopped at ten.  

“Hmm.  Looks like we might need that motivational talk after all.  10 reps and you quit.  This is no good.  I think I need to break out a special little friend for you.”  

Svetlana went to a tool cabinet on the far wall.  In one drawer, there was all the tickling tools you would ever need.  She walked back behind Natalie with the tool behind her back.  She flicked the switch on when she got close.  Natalie could hear a buzzing sound.  She began to hyperventilate.  

“Do you know what that sound is?” Svetlana aked.  

“Electric toothbrush?” Natalie guessed.  

“Close! But not quite.”

Svetlana held up the brush.  It was a facial cleansing brush, much bigger than an electric toothbrush.  

“I had my husband replace the motor in this.  It spins twice as fast as a regular one.  Almost as fast as an electric toothbrush, which I also love.  But this hits more spots at once.  Don't worry.  I am sure you will get to try the other one too.  

Svetlana pressed the brush into Natalie's left sole.  She was sent straight through shrieking laughter to silent laughter.  It was the most maddening sensation she had ever felt.  She quickly felt her a pain in her bladder as she held back pee.  For 5 minutes, Svetlana swirled it around her left foot; on the soles, on the toes, on her heel, even on the top of her foot.  It all tickled like hell.  Then she switched to the right foot.  Natalie laughed through tears and shook her feet as much as she could.  It was not much, but the little bit of movement provided a very, very, small big of resistance.  Svetlana made a mental note to tie her big toes together to prevent this at the next failure.  It also made a double brushing a possibility as well.  

Natalie's poor abs were aching miserably after the tickling.  Svetlana gave her two minutes of rest this time before setting the weight at 20 lbs again.  Natalie followed the predictable pattern.  Success, failure, tickling, success, failure tickling, success, failure, tickling.  By the time it was all said and done, she had down 1,860 crunches at various weights and been tickled for an hour.  All that was left was the 30 minute motivational “talk” for her “lack” of effort.  Svetlana believed that it was important to hang these punishments in front of her clients faces.  Fear was a powerful motivator, and it would pay dividends by the end of the month.  She let Natalie stand and rest on the stool, still strapped to the power rack for a half hour before phase two of that day's workout began.
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