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Welcome tickling deviants

:spotlight-left: WELCOME :spotlight-right:


This is a group dedicated to al things that invlove tickling:icontickleplz:.Don't be afraid to share and talk about your work here:deviation:this is a safe place:star::star::star::star::star:If you ever thought that a liking or fetish for tickling was weird or something to hide,DON'T.Many people share the same interest.

Be sure to add something to the blog if you wish as well:writersblock::bookdiva:

Also,this group is not just for girls in case anyone was curious.Pictures of boys/men being tickled are allowed to.


Rule #1 No spamming anyone caught doing this will be warned only once to stop.Spamming consists of leaving random words or numbers and such in messages,the blogs,groupwall,etc..

This is a basic rule for pretty much all of chat world.also,don't say the same thing again and again and again in the same or different messages and comments.its not funny,despite what the people who do it thinks

Rule #2 You be nice!

Basically,respect other members and don't treat them the way you wouldn't wan't to be treated.While no one wants to be walked all over (trust me) acting like the people you despise only makes you worse than them,because unlike them youknow better. If someone is being rude unprovoked,inform me and i'll judge whether or not they need to be dealt with.

Rule #3 Don't complain.By this i mean complaining about content or rules within the group.If theres something you dont like,just don't look at it,its that simple,and you are free to make your own group with your own rules if you find this one unsatisfactory.

Rule #4 Watch your mouth.Swearing here is fine,however,because of my own distaste for the (f) and (s) word,i must please ask no one use them,unless its in a story that someone wrote.However do not use them in comments or in the blog.

Rule #5 Don't be gross.By this i mean don't submit anything that is obviously gross.e.g Gore,vomiting,fecies,excessive blood and farting.If i deem a picture to vile for the group,it will be removed,with no other casualties.Just for everyones information.If a picture depicts something such as someone being tickled into peeing,i won't consider it bad.

First offenders will mearly be warned,second offenders will be banned for a short period or forever depending on my rule if i discover a rule is broken on purposethat person will be banned instantly.However a breaking a rule by mistake will cause you no harm,no worries,im no monster

:iconblue-splz::iconblue-uplz::iconblue-bplz::iconblue-mplz::iconblue-iplz::iconblue-splz::iconblue-splz::iconblue-iplz::iconblue-iplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-nplz: :iconblue-iplz::iconblue-nplz::iconblue-fplz::iconblue-oplz:

Reading the folders titles should make it obvious what pictures go where. But some pictures may have combined catagories,so heres a quick sum-up of what folder takes precedence over which

This folder takes precedence over all folders except tickling comics and tickling stories.If a character you created shares a picture with someone from anime/manga/movies etc,it belongs in fanart,not o.c's.If a picture has creatures or animals but they are from anime/manga/movies etc,it also belongs in fanart

This folder takes presedence over o.c's as well. even if your character is original,if its being tickled or tickling a creature/animal it still belongs here. if its imagry is relevant to TICKLING SETUPS,then it belongs in TICKLING SETUPS,not this folder
people with animal features(ears,tails) count for this folder

This folder takes precedence over o.c's to. This folder is for pictures where no actual tickling is happening,pictures of tools used for restraining and tickling others being displayed will be accepted.Remember this is not a foot fetish group,a simple picture of someone showing their feet will not be accepted,its always a good idea to consider the group theme before submitting pictures anyway.

This folder is ONLY for photos or videos of real people being tickled

If anything doesnt make sense,please point it out to me in a group note,also send all questions in a note as well,not on the group wall

These rules may be updated as time goes on,so check every now and again to be sure you've got them all down.


More groups full of tickling fun :icontickleplz:
:iconthe-golden-feather: The-Golden-Feather The Feather will find you! :iconticklish-guys: Ticklish-Guys Because guys are ticklish too :iconfulltickleexperience: FullTickleExperience


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Hi everybody! It's TheReader205! As you all know, tomorrow's my Sweet 16!!! And I thought, "What if I shared my birthday with everyone?" So, I decided what better way to spend it with all of you than creating a Birthday Tickle Torture RP!!! That's my gift to all of you!

Anyway, here's the scenario:
Today, my birthday has been very exciting. I had cake, ice cream, great friends over, and very awesome gifts and such, but sadly, it all came to an end. Everyone left, and it was just me. I then noticed a gift lying in the corner of the room, left unopened. I brought out the gift, and saw it had a note.

It said, "Dear Noah, I heard about your tickling fetish. I know how much you love tickling, so I decided to get you this. You'll love it. It has everything you need. Signed, A Friend." I opened the gift and see you, gagged and blindfolded and tied up, along with tickle tools, feathers, brushes, etc. This is where the fun begins.........

I accept 18+, as in nudity, sex, etc. However, I ask to refrain foul language to a minimum, please and thank you. You all can go crazy, but all I ask is not too much profanity. Just Note me, and we'll get started. But here's a catch.

This RP won't last long. I'll accept any and all RP's from now, until Saturday morning at 9AM. Any and all RP requests after said time won't be accepted. Because, birthday's last only a day, not a week. (laughs) Victorious reference, if you caught that! Love that show.

Anyway, this won't last long, so Note me while you can. Everyone is allowed to join, so don't be shy! I decided that if we can get at least 500 views, a lot of you Noting me this RP, say at least 50 comments and Favorites, I promise you all there will be more Tickle RP's in the future.

So ta-ta for now! This is Noah Cromer, AKA TheReader205. See you later. This is my gift to all of you. :)
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I am prince of halcyon :wave: you can just call me prince though,poh,haclyon,whatever you prefer <3 As my name suggests,i desire peace and harmony amongst my friends and even my enemies.







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Hi I am new and if anyone wants to rp tickling I will do any scenario unless you don't have any ideas then I'll give some ideas I have. I have all kinds of ocs. I prefer to have them tickled but a few will tickle you or your oc. Sorry if these comments aren't allowed I read the rules and I don't think It counts as spam.
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